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Fidget Cube all, no girl had spread to him Jiao, he faced the girl, not horrible, at any time will escape the fire, can not be attributed to human Krisi teacher, is a superb means to play in the hands of the princess , Or those two looks Jiaoqiao lovely, in fact, people do not spit bones of the goblins, there is more fidget cube than most men who are qualified as a very good man, Miss Milinda. And even Bertina I, she has always been more powerful type of girl, spoiled with her never touch the top. This is entirely understandable. Prior to fidget cube this, people around her do not like to eat this set of characters. Kris teacher is not to say her, with the crazy long princess spoiled, maybe she will throw you into the cage feeding the dragon. As with the Kelisi blood princess of the Royal Highness Princess, behave is to let her not find you the best way to trouble. Then, along with En Laike travel, at least there is the father in the next Bangqiang. In most cases, Enlaike is willing to listen to the idea of the father, therefore, Bertina did not have the opportunity to use this Sha Zhao. But today the situation is completely different, Bertina had to use this last resort. Enlaiko pondered a long while, shook his head and exclaimed This thing I can not help you, I will try to save the small Yun, as long as you no longer trouble, I went to a governor House, Duke Elllow, or Miss Milinda, in short, as far as possible Xiaoyun free it wants, as M.nd one thing, all the people are quite attention to him. I was thinking, fate this thing is hard to understand I was just a general grocery store owner s son, my life is so dull, every day is like a winding person, on time to complete a One day, just with me about those guests, I never thought the rules did not think I never expected this would be like now it in fact, everyone can not fully grasp his destiny, fate often out He could have arranged for him to complete the task, these tasks may be just to find a true love, leaving a descendant, you know that for some people is already a big difficulty, and some people the task is likely to continue to have to find new things, when that time comes, you will know what your true destiny is a Enlai Ke Ma Duoshi magician to tell his remarks quite Strange, he always felt that the mysterious master of magic, as if somewhere, can not be pondering, unpredictable fate seems to have a fidget cube deep understanding, but how can not imagine En Laike, the contract with God Ming contract How can the magician have the ability to predict The Mardosian apparently saw the question in the heart of Enelco, who spoke in a long, slow voice All the gods are the same, whether God, God of War, or the god of wisdom, the goddess of the earth , All the gods are the same, they are part of this world, their duty is to maintain the order of the world. Enlaike for this answer is n.

f my country, my country, my country, and you have a very preconceived notion, said Mr. Holmes III. Special, and will not be around the views of others, so in your eyes to see out of the kingdom of Ka Ao Qi is clearly more in line with the reality of the situation, so I ask you to become my eyes and become me The ears for me to walk all over the country, to help me look at my country, which was originally supposed to be done by me personally, but I can see things are just some people want to let me see things , Only you, only you become my eyes, I can really understand, to understand those hidden in the dark corner, which I have never seen things, and, because you are not the king of Ka Aoqi people, so you thought not to be bound by our thoughts, your judgment for a variety of things, we are sure to be different, I would like to hear your opinion. here, His Majesty for all due to shock and sometimes can not But also obviously want to raise objections to the minister of state, waved his hand and continued Of course, I will not one sidedly listen to unilateral views and suggestions, a different point of view Always the most important factor in the correct understanding of things, so I have to appoint two important people who are completely different in their roles, one of whom is my most admired Miss Milinda, our noble Prime Minister Adults sister, the lady will certainly bring me some of the absolute views.now the small Yun and her mother is already a famous beauty of this place, but they and Bertina a ratio , But also a lot less. Moreover, the kind of ridiculous action that Bertina and Eneco have shown just now also shows that the two men will never live here, or even say that they will not be those living in this class. Moreover, those miners there are so few people who have seen a little bit of the market, they told the surrounding miners, Bertina and Enlaike is obviously a pair of nobles, because they see Bertina and En Laike All can be very smooth toes toe walking. And accustomed to the use of such strenuous way of walking people, only those who think that the more elegant aristocratic walk, I heard that this toe toe, walking in a straight line walking way, known as the noble elegance step. However, those miners really do not understand, two small aristocracy to this place to do So more and more miners were stopped in the hands of the living, move closer to this direction. The people who came closer, but also includes two oversight of the work of mine supervision. But the two supervisors for the miners to put down the hands of the living, but also did not show any dissatisfaction, just call them a few of the work is very important, absolutely not allowed to leave the miners quickly go back to work, for the rest of the people is left , Does not interfere with the cross. And one of the supervisors can a.e will be able to use all the resources are mobilized. One of the most reliable is the evil Master Trod, and do not know where the grassland En Laike. The biggest trump card in her hand is that magic mercenary group. If possible, Milinda does not intend to rely on evil Master Trod to help, also do not need Enlai help. She told Trode as soon as possible to find Enlaike, and by the two of them all fidget cube fresh the blood fox escape all fidget cube cut off. While the work of wiping out the blood fox by herself. For this battle, Milinda is not worried, though in terms of the number of blood fox advantage, although he led the army is a temporary formation of the civilian population consisting mainly of volunteers. However, the blood fox before the reason why the invincible, because it is erratic, it can not find its traces. Therefore, it is entirely in control of the initiative. This time, the initiative in their own hands. Blood fox long distance fled, eager to return to their lair. And for the original that foolproof supply point and then successively by en Laike damage, if he is a fox, free to skip the form, without regard for the horse s fatigue, rapid advance to the more remote has not been destroyed supply point, such a The thieves who arrived here must be hungry and tired. And they rush to the treasure and make them uninterested, in the face of their own men vengeful soldiers, there is no fighting at all. The only worry is that.

Fidget Cube her, he will save it. All the knights hear Miss Mi Linda say, hearts deeply admire, high is high, so that this hot potato to throw the Teluo. Knight in the presence of no one believed that the evil Master Trod will be even a little bit of life saving stuff, I m afraid he only knows how to make the injured stand up again, is to turn them into skeletons or zombies or something. Sister head of this arrangement is simply equal to the little magician who sent to the slaughterhouse touched the same thing, that is to test for the Lord, not as direct sent to the slaughterhouse. Do not talk about the minds of the Cavaliers Zhongwei idea, evil Master Trod Dao Shi is not opposed to the little magician who Sophie to their own treatment, his ability for this little magician is extremely curious about the treatment The wound he did know a lot, in fact, his own body is the result of numerous operations. Trodt confident, his master of medical technology, is absolutely unique, even the so called saint girl, she can cure those trauma at the most, after all, she can not afford to lose the limb rebirth, complete necrosis Of the organs to re normal work, while they are able to do it all. As a result, Trod did not say anything, commanding a skeleton will Enlai carried into the exclusive of his car into the spacious carriage. When the troop got into the carriage, all the knights in front of the road rush to clean up a bit, the.ticing magic, do not know that the son of a bitch selection, really outrageous, but his physique touches quite good, Well, decided, as he was a good test material, Chris secretly in the hearts of the two people to determine the arrangements, poor Enlaike and Kate did not know, from this moment, they and the cage that Dozens of head spines into a brother and brother. Do not know if you fit my training, do not know how your ability to use magic, look at the face of Koorens, you do not look for bitter, and I let you clearance it Kelisiqingyuezongdao Road. This, this, Chris Si magician I really want to learn magic ah, to get your advice, what I would pay the price, Kate urgent, is not aware of their own into a trap. Earned, an unrestricted request, Chris heart secretly pleased. Well, try it, but once I think you can not, then immediately dismissed, understand Treacherous witch draped Road shelf. As for you, your question I am interested in, but you have to prepare in mind Oh Tests are dangerous Oh. Kris turned to fidget cube aqua En Laike Road. Yes, yes, yes, yes. In a series of pleasantly surprised promises, Enlaiko did not know he had drilled into the second trap in life. Eat lunch, of course, lunch is prepared by Bertina. Poor Bertina in the witch s ice water attack immediately recovered. After a long time, En Laike they know that Chris will be the primary water magic mixed with fidget cube ice, and when the four young people are also.